Whoa whoa whoa

I’m all for getting out from under the EU’s oppressive laws, so long as we do it legally, through the process set down by the EU.

Sounds pretty retarded when you put it like that, doesn’t it?

How to Brexit

It’s actually very simple. The government could just cease to enforce EU laws, and stop giving them money and so on. The EU could claim they still have some hold over us, but who cares? What are they gonna do?

But of course the government will never do that. It would mean doing less stuff, and the government always prefers to do more stuff- like tax credits for example. They couldn’t just reduce taxes. That would be too simple. They had to keep the taxes, while adding another benefits system to pay the taxes back. That way no tax collectors end up at the jobcenter, and they’ve also created a whole other bureaucracy to compensate people for getting fucked by HMRC.

For the same reasons, the government continues to do the EU’s dirty work while telling us they’re trying to find a way to stop doing it.

But who cares?

For legal reasons, this next part is a joke: If the government won’t stop enforcing EU tyranny, I guess Brexiteers could stop complying. 51% is a slim victory in a referendum, but far more than enough to make a law unenforceable.